The Pinnacle SHRSL

The Pinnacle SHRSL

RSL Sub Branch

South Hurstville RSL Sub Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia (NSW Branch)

The objectives and purpose of South Hurstville RSL sub Branch is to support and provide welfare for men and women and their families who have served or are curently serving in the Australian Defence Force.

The South Hurstville RSL sub Branch was founded in 1946 and the first sub Branch club house was a WW2 'Nissen hut' located on the land where the current service station now stands.

South Hurstville RSL sub Branch offers three (3) categories of membership:

Service Member - a person who is or has been a member of Defence Forces
Affiliate Member - a relative of a person living or dead who was / is eligible to be a Service Member
Auxiliary Member - any person may apply for this category of membership (conditions apply)

South Hurstville RSL sub Branch holds regular meetings every third Sunday of the month at 9-30 AM at the SHRSL Club buildings and all are welcome.

The RSL Auxiliaries hold a raffle in the SHRSL club premises every Tuesday commencing at 11-30AM with the draw at 1-00PM, the proceeds go to RSL charities, a great cause.

South Hurstville RSL sub Branch provides financial support to many schools in our area with the aim to inform children of the ANZAC tradition - it is after all the 'Australian Way'.

Commemorative events - we gather at 6-AM for a dawn service every Anzac Day 25th April and at 11-AM Remembrance Day on the 11th November. We also remember VP day on the 15th August, Vietnam Veterans day on the 18th August and VE day on the 7th May. You have an open invitation to join us in remembering.

The ODE is recited in our club every evening at 6-PM. What is an ODE? It is a form of poetry in remembrance of the men and women who died in war, it commenced after WW1. We ask all present in the club to stand and face the West for a very short period to reflect.

At the conclusion of the ODE we all say “Lest We Forget”. Forget what you may ask? The answer is not to forget the waste of young men and women’s lives in World War 1 and to not repeat the same mistakes again.

Sadly we have continued to have men and women killed in the pursuit of war, but let us not forget those who have died.

Terence Payne

Hon Secretary Contact
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