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Pinnacle Rewards

pinnacle rewardsPinnacle Rewards is a member’s rewards program that is our way of saying thank you to the loyal members of The Pinnacle by being  able to turn your visits to the club into real rewards.

The more you use your card, the more points you earn and the quicker you progress up the tier levels to gain extra benefits and  rewards!

So each time you visit the club simply present your membership card at any bar or restaurant when you make any purchase. You can also earn points by correctly inserting your membership card into the console of a gaming machine whilst you are playing.

Best of all entry to the program is free with your club membership!

What Are the Tier Levels

You are placed in a tier based on the number of Pinnacle Reward Points you have earned in a 6 month period. If you are new to the club you are automatically placed in the Club Member tier level.

Tier Movements

At the beginning of each month a review will occur of all members. If you are eligible to move up into a new tier you will be promoted on the first business day of the month. Each May and November a review will also take place of those members who have not earned enough points to stay in their current tier. If you have not retained your current tier level, then you will then be moved into a new tier on the first of May or November.

To find out what tier you belong to simply swipe your membership card at the clubs kiosk and gaming consoles and your tier level will appear. Alternatively you could also ask our reception staff.

One Reward Point is equal to one cent.
For example: 2,000 points = $20.00
1,050 points = $10.50

Opting Out

If you do not wish to participate in the Pinnacle loyalty program, please see a staff member and they will organise to have you removed from the program. You will still remain a member of the club.

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